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59,000 people a year die of rabies, mostly children in poor communities, and 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite.  Hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed every year, attempting to prevent the disease spreading, but culling is inhumane and ineffective.  Mass vaccination of dogs is humane, and it is the key to achieving that goal of eliminating rabies.


In 2013 Mission Rabies launched in India – a hotspot for rabies, where a third of all human cases occur.  Dogs Trust Worldwide supports the mass vaccination drives in Goa, exceeding the annual target of vaccinating 70,000 dogs and a 70% coverage in every key village and ward.   

Our mobile veterinary unit is transforming the lives of dogs in some of the remotest parts of India.

Mission Rabies also distribute educational material and visit schools to teach children and adults how to understand dogs better so they can avoid dog bites and reduce the risk of rabies.  Dogs Trust Worldwide supports this education of more than 120,000 children every year in rabies awareness, as well as a rabies surveillance system set up by Mission Rabies in collaboration with local government. 

Dogs Trust Worldwide also provides funding for the Mission Rabies Truck which travels around India; a mobile veterinary clinic delivering training to local vets, outreach programmes, neutering services, and vaccinating dogs against rabies. 

What we’ve achieved so far


dogs neutered


vaccinated against rabies

Our Mobile Veterinary Unit is transforming the lives of dogs in some of the remotest parts of India.

1.2 million

children have been reached via the education programme

Other Projects we are working on
Dogs Trust Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dogs Trust has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012 with humane dog population management. The team works using a combination of responsible dog ownership education, mass neutering campaigns for owned and street dogs, a veterinary training programme in conjunction with the vet faculty in Sarajevo, a fostering programme and running Dog School Bosnia to help local people to train their dogs. Since starting over 101,950 dogs have been neutered and over 343,051 children educated on being responsible around dogs.

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WVS International Training Centre

India has a massive amount of street dogs but there is a lack of well-trained vets to care for and treat them. In order to address this issue, we have partnered with Worldwide Veterinary Service since 2012 to develop and run an International Training Centre (ITC), in Ooty, India, to deliver a range of training courses in surgical sterilisation techniques to local and international veterinary surgeons, veterinary students and para-vets. In 2017, we increased our support to help run an additional ITC in Goa so we could train even more vets, to help improve the veterinary care and treatment provided to dogs across India and around the world.

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