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Key Issues  

There are an estimated 8.5 million dogs roaming the streets of Thailand and many of them are well looked after by members of the community.However,when increased numbers of dogs roam together, they’re likely to cause a nuisance: dogs that are perceived as suchare put into overcrowded shelters with very poor welfare standards. 

A lack of responsible ownership means that many dogs are allowed to roam freely and breed uncontrollably. When ill or injured, they don’t always receive the necessary treatment, especially in poorer areas where the number of dogs tends to be higher, and suffer from physical welfare issues.  

While vet standards are good, many veterinarians in Thailand are often not motivated to look after free roaming dogs. 

What we’ll do  

Our aim is to have stable, healthy and manageable dog populations in Thailand. 

This can be achieved through safe and systematic neutering of both unowned and owned dogs as well as promotingand encouraging responsible dog ownership.  

We will set up neutering and vaccination programmes with trusted local partners; launch responsible dog ownership campaigns across the country; increase the numbers of skilled vets working on dog population management; reach out to neighbouring countries, to build connections with partners who have local expertise and could help us address wider issues across the South East Asia region 

If you are active in Thailand, share our mission and would like to work with us, please get in touch at