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Stop Exploitation

Too many dogs are still exploited by people for their fur, meat, or simply to provide entertainment. These activities are often already illegal and the suffering of the dogs immeasurable. Our primary focus at present is the Dog Meat Trade in East Asia, where traders often resort to snatching loved pets from their families. This is simply wrong and has to stop.

People are not inherently cruel, but are not always aware what suffering they are causing. Through our grant programme, we look for opportunities to work with people who come from the communities where exploitation exits, but understand that dogs are wonderful, intelligent creatures. These are the people who have the power to change attitudes long-term. We supported the production of a film to expose the dog meat trade in Thailand where dogs are caught in areas with absolutely no history of dog meat consumption and sent to Vietnam where dog meat is popular.

The majority of Thai people were unaware and the public outrage and astute campaigning have led to improvements to animal welfare law in Thailand and increased enforcement that will save many lives and help end the trade for good. 

We also work alongside people to enforce laws in countries where exploitation persists and where the majority of people already agree that it is wrong. In 2014, we partnered with Animal Kingdom Foundation in the Philippines where the dog meat trade is already illegal, but laws are poorly enforced. Animal Kingdom Foundation run training seminars for 269 police officers and helped the police conduct 14 raids which led to 13 arrests for traders and most importantly saved 32 dogs.