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When disaster strikes people that care for dogs, owners and shelters need support to plug gaps in supplies and help get aid into the country so they can rebuild. We have a small grants programme dedicated to helping dog welfare organisations when they need it most.

In May 2014 when Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by devastating floods that killed at least 40 people, Dogs Trust coordinated with the humanitarian relief effort in order to deliver aid to dogs that had been affected by flooding. 

We were the first animal welfare organisation allowed into the disaster area by the authorities and on 22nd May we delivered food to 200 dogs at a shelter in the area affected, which enabled them to bridge the gap between the flood striking and their regular supplies of food returning. 

This is not a major part of our work, but we can offer direct aid of medical or food supplies where we have trusted local partners on the ground. We rely on local partners and humanitarian agencies in country to deliver aid.