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Children are the dog owners of the future and we believe fully in the power of education to create a brighter future for dogs. We want to ensure that children understand what a dog needs, so they can help create happy life-long homes for their pets and stop dogs being abandoned. We also want to ensure that children are safe around dogs when they encounter them in their day to day life, especially in the vast majority of the world, where dogs still live on the street.

Our education officers reach around 25,000 in the UK every year, reached over 50,000 in Malta during our six year project on the island and have already reached over 45,000 in the three years that we have been active in Bosnia. We feel we have built up a huge amount of experience in this field. We deliver training to help our partners develop their own programmes and then provide grant funding to the best groups we work so they can do more. We currently support education projects in Afghanistan, Greece, India, Kosovo, Lithuania and Romania.