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Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed every year to prevent the disease spreading but culling has proven not only to be inhumane but also ineffective. This programme aims to underline that mass vaccination of dogs is more humane and effective. 

Dogs Trust is supporting Mission Rabies by funding mobile veterinary clinics, rabies vaccinations, outreach programs and training workshops in India. Our all-terrain veterinary hospital travels to the most remote parts of India to deliver outreach and training and vaccinate dogs to eliminate rabies in these areas.

Our aim is to eliminate dog bite transmitted rabies from the world by 2030.

Mission Rabies team also distribute educational material and visit schools to teach children and adults how to understand dogs better so they can avoid dog bites and reduce the risk of rabies.

What we’ve achieved so far


dogs neutered


vaccinated against rabies

Our Mobile Veterinary Unit is transforming the lives of dogs in some of the remotest parts of India.


people have been reached via the education programme

Other Projects we are working on
International Training Centre

One of the biggest problems that street dogs in India face is the lack of well-trained vets to care for them. We have partnered with Worldwide Veterinary Service since 2010 to support their International Training Centre in Ooty. The centre provides training for vets in surgical sterilisation, as well as courses for government officials and dog catchers to ensure they are able to implement programmes to manage street dogs safely and humanely in their communities. The centre has already trained over 1,000 vets from across India.

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Mission Rabies

Malawi is among the world’s hotspots for rabies and this horrendous disease poses a huge burden to the country. Mission Rabies expanded to Malawi in May 2015, based in Blantyre, a city with the highest recorded number of child deaths from rabies. We are supporting them in their goal to eliminate rabies in 3 Malawian districts through mass vaccination of dogs, an IBCM (integrated bite case management) programme and rabies risk awareness education for children.

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