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Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country with a significant stray dog problem. There are over 11,000 stray dogs living on the streets of Sarajevo; unwanted litters of puppies are born every day and lead miserable lives on the streets. The country has had a progressive no-kill animal welfare law since 2009, but its implementation has been poor. Acknowledging this issue, Dogs Trust UK partnered with local bodies to launch a long-term project in Bosnia.

Since October 2012, Dogs Trust Bosnia and Herzegovina (DTBH) has been working with local organisations, vets, authorities and schools to help humanely reduce the stray dog population, whilst also improving the long-term health and welfare of the dogs by educating the public.

Our goal is to help local stakeholders establish a self-sustainable dog population management system.

The main source of stray dogs is abandonment by owners, and so raising awareness on the importance of responsible dog ownership, and in particular about neutering, is critical. While building veterinary capacity through the Veterinary Training Programme which educated over 200 veterinary experts, over a five year period, we neutered over 43,000 dogs, and our neutering campaigns continue. We already reached over 144,000 schoolchildren through education workshops, and we continue to spread it throughout the country. The latest programme - Dog School - running since March 2016, has already shown extraordinary results, training close to 150 dogs and educating their owners. Positive motivation training in the Dog School which operates by the same high standards as the Dog Schools across the UK, continues to improve understanding between dogs and owners which most certainly prevents abandonment! Dogs Trust’s activities presently cover 44% of the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which represents 58% of its population. 

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